II Tigers Martial Arts

II Tigers Martial Arts 


II Tigers Martial Arts belt program (6-18 years old) runs on a semestered schedule of 14 weeks.  Over the course of the semester, students will train in the 4 main areas of martial skill:

Week 1. Strength & Conditioning

Week 2. Proper Technique

Week 3. Sparring & Self Defense

Week 4. Traditional Forms & Foundations

The semester is 12 weeks of rotating focus and 2 weeks of Exam Review, at which point the student is eligible to test for their belt ranking.

We at II Tigers have one very simple goal: That each and every student can graduate from our program and call themselves a true martial artist.

What does that mean?

The martial arts are based on 3 simple principles. Fitness, Skill and Respect.  Each one requires the other two in order to be obtained, and that is the basis of our program. 

A martial artist is physically fit, a martial artist is skilled in the art of combat, and a martial artist has respect for not only those around them, but most importantly for themselves. 

These principles are for anyone, from any walk of life, and we at II Tigers want to share them with you.

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